Is the thought of relaxing in a gorgeous backyard oasis beckoning you?


A well-designed outdoor living area can provide a tranquil, functional extension of your new custom home. There are so many options available to make your personal relaxation spot truly inviting and a reflection of your unique lifestyle. Envision yourself watching the sun set from your beautiful stone patio, surrounded by vibrant flora, a rock garden with captivating water features, and a colorful outdoor entertaining area, complete with a fire pit. In your backyard oasis, you can step into a whole new world and leave your stress behind.

When a simple remodel isn’t enough to get the home of your dreams, sometimes you need to build it. Here are some simple suggestions to help construct the perfect outdoor living area for your new residence:

Assemble your “wish list”.
You basically have a blank slate when designing and building your new custom home, and that includes your backyard retreat. Having a wish list is helpful when working with your builder, so jot down everything you think the perfect backyard oasis should contain. This might include anything from a lavish pool to a charming outdoor dining area. Consider such features as grottos, benches, water features, and shady nooks that combine your unique style with beauty and functionality. And don’t forget about seating! The last thing you want is a retreat that doesn’t have space for people to sit or lounge. Why not add an outdoor living room or arbor to your backyard oasis dream design?

Divvy up your space.
Measure your entire backyard and determine how much of it you want to devote for your oasis. Will you be including a pool? A hot tub? You’ll also need to decide how much space you want to allot for landscaping and additional features. How much room will each item from your wish list require? If you find that everything is too cramped, consider prioritizing your dream list features and eliminate the ones that aren’t must-haves.

Consider the noise.
To achieve a sense of peace your backyard oasis, you’ll want to hear relaxing sounds such as wind chimes, the chirping of birds, and perhaps some soft music. There are plenty of construction features that can block out unwanted background noise from neighbors or traffic. Even something as simple as a wooden fence or a wall of greenery can be effective. Your builder can offer noise-reduction ideas that tie in to the ambience you of your outdoor sanctuary.

Choose your color palate.
Decide what accents you’re going to incorporate and what foliage you’re going to plant. Work to create a color scheme that’s welcoming and soothing. Mixing and matching can be a good thing—to a point. Your goal should be a coordinated design with colors that complement one another.

If a peaceful backyard oasis seems like a great addition to your new custom home design, we can help! Please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable professionals today.

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