Now is an excellent time to build a home.

Amazing incentives are yours for the taking.Some impressive incentives for new homes are being offered at the federal, state and local level. We want to ensure you take advantage of all the tax incentives for which you’re eligible, so we’ve listed brief descriptions below, along with links to the web sites associated with each incentive.

Maryland Incentives/Policies for Renewables & Efficiency

The state of Maryland and many counties, including Harford County, have numerous tax credits, tax exemptions and rebates available for energy efficiency. These are for both existing and new homes. For more information, you may want to contact The Maryland Energy Administration or by clicking here.
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Create Your Custom Private Backyard Oasis


Is the thought of relaxing in a gorgeous backyard oasis beckoning you?

A well-designed outdoor living area can provide a tranquil, functional extension of your new custom home. There are so many options available to make your personal relaxation spot truly inviting and as a reflection of your unique lifestyle. Envision yourself watching the sun set from your beautiful stone patio, surrounded by vibrant flora, a rock garden with captivating water features, and a colorful outdoor entertaining area, complete with a fire pit. In your backyard oasis, you can step into a whole new world and leave your stress behind.
When a simple remodel isn’t enough to get the home of your dreams, sometimes you need to build it. Here are some simple suggestions to help construct the perfect outdoor living area for your new residence:

Assemble your “wish list”.

You basically have a blank slate when designing and ...

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