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Thinking outside the box is what we do best.
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It all starts with a blank slate. To us, ‘custom’ means giving our clients carte blanche over their home designs. Whether you prefer a stately colonial or a chic contemporary, leave it to Creative Home Co. to craft your ideal residence in Anne Arundel County. Our experienced architectural team designs exquisite homes of all styles, sizes and complexities. We have just one mission: to create unique homes that are as singular and remarkable as our clientele. Timeless, elegant and gracious, there’s a Creative Home that’s just right for you.

We're good listeners, too

We’re good listeners, too. This key element of our design-build process enables us to build a home that reflects your unique personality, lifestyle and preferences. Our highly personalized approach is among the many things that sets Creative Home Co. apart from other builders. You’re sure to appreciate our superior craftsmanship, too. A refined attention to detail is incorporated into every home we construct, resulting in the perfect blend of charm, beauty and functionality. We pride ourselves on working with passion and precision to transform your vision into a place of enduring happy memories.

We make it easy to realize your personal dream home.

We make it easy to realize your personal dream home. Collaboration between our clients and us begins at the onset and continues long past move-in day. To us, client communication is paramount and the key to a stress-free home building experience. And with decades of architectural design and construction expertise under our belts, our streamlined building process ensures the delivery of an exquisitely finished product that surpasses expectations each and every time.

Come home to a house that perfectly reflects who you are and how you live. To learn more about our custom homes of distinction, please contact us.

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Create Your Custom Private Backyard Oasis


Is the thought of relaxing in a gorgeous backyard oasis beckoning you?

A well-designed outdoor living area can provide a tranquil, functional extension of your new custom home. There are so many options available to make your personal relaxation spot truly inviting and as a reflection of your unique lifestyle. Envision yourself watching the sun set from your beautiful stone patio, surrounded by vibrant flora, a rock garden with captivating water features, and a colorful outdoor entertaining area, complete with a fire pit. In your backyard oasis, you can step into a whole new world and leave your stress behind.
When a simple remodel isn’t enough to get the home of your dreams, sometimes you need to build it. Here are some simple suggestions to help construct the perfect outdoor living area for your new residence:

Assemble your “wish list”.

You basically have a blank slate when designing and ...

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