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We think originality is a great thing.  Just as no two people are alike, your house shouldn’t have to be, either. At Creative Home Co., our talented design-build team, recognized as a premier Home Builder in Owings Mills, MD, constructs stunning original homes tailored to you. Whether you prefer Traditional, Contemporary, Craftsman, or virtually any other style, we can customize it to create the home of your dreams. Discerning buyers rely on us for ingenious residential construction solutions that reflect their unique desires. Sometimes it’s good to break the rules. In existing properties or production homes, you’re boxed in to standard floorplans and pre-set standards. But at Creative Home Co., each custom home we construct in  Owings Mills, MD, and surrounding areas like Townson, MD, is a masterpiece that’s perfectly matched to your tastes, your lifestyle, and your family. Our passionate desire for individuality and homespun workmanship, coupled with meticulous attention to design and architectural integrity, sets us apart from other custom builders. We’re renowned for our imaginative blend of artistry, excellent craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. Whatever your vision, you can rely on Creative Home Co. to bring it to life. Together, let’s create a home that tells your unique story. To learn more about our custom homes of distinction, please contact us.

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We are local, honest, and reliability home contractors with more than 30+ experience in Harford and surrounding counties. 
A reputable company is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers, and it has a proven track record of delivering on its promises. 


Your Creative Home deserves the right setting.

That’s why you always have the option to choose one of our stately home sites or to build on your own lot. Whether you prefer HarfordBaltimore or Cecil Counties, leave it to us to find the ideal home site for you. From the pastoral to the suburban, Creative Home Co. offers properties in a wide range of sizes and locations in the most desirable parts of central and northern Maryland. We invite you to browse our extensive selection of available homesites. Already have your perfect piece of land? We make it easy to build your personal paradise on your lot. Get started here.

Rely on us for an inspired custom home, built on the land you love. To learn more about our custom homes of distinction, please contact us.

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We are local, honest, and reliability home contractors with more than 30+ experience in Harford and surrounding counties.


Owings Mills, Maryland, is a vibrant and growing suburban community located in Baltimore County, just northwest of the city of Baltimore. It’s known for its diverse mix of residential areas, commercial districts, and educational institutions. One of the most prominent landmarks in Owings Mills is the Foundry Row shopping center, a bustling hub of retail and dining options. Here, you can find popular stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making it a favorite destination for locals.

Owings Mills is also home to the Stevenson University campus, contributing to its reputation as an educational hub. The Owings Mills Branch of the Baltimore County Public Library offers a valuable resource for residents. The community features well-known streets such as Reisterstown Road and Painters Mill Road, which connect various neighborhoods and business districts.

For those seeking natural beauty, Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area is a must-visit. This state-designated wildland encompasses unique serpentine barrens and offers hiking trails with scenic views. Nearby, Liberty Reservoir provides opportunities for boating, fishing, and picnicking.

Overall, Owings Mills is a dynamic and evolving area, offering a mix of commercial activity, educational institutions, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Its central location within Baltimore County and proximity to Baltimore City make it an appealing place to live, work, and explore.

Driving Directions to Creative Home Company from Stevenson University

Start your journey at Stevenson University, located at 10945 Boulevard Cir, Owings Mills, MD 21117, United States. Head north on Owings Mills Blvd toward Crondall Ln, driving for approximately 1.5 miles. Make a right turn onto Bonita Ave and continue for about 2.3 miles. Follow Bonita Ave until it leads to Tufton Ave, which is approximately 0.4 miles ahead. Continue onto Tufton Ave, driving for approximately 3.8 miles.
Next, follow Shawan Rd, MD-145 E, and MD-146 N/Jarrettsville Pike to Furnace Rd in Harford County, which will take around 25 minutes and cover approximately 15.7 miles. Follow Furnace Rd for an additional 1.9 miles.
Continue your journey by following MD-23 E until you reach Commerce Rd in Forest Hill, driving for approximately 6.0 miles in about 8 minutes. Finally, continue on Commerce Rd for 0.4 miles to arrive at your destination, Creative Home Company, located at 217 E Jarrettsville Rd Suite 3, Forest Hill, MD 21050, United States.

Driving Directions to Creative Home Company from Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area

Your journey begins at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, located at 5100 Deer Park Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117, United States. Head northwest on Deer Park Rd toward Choate Mine Trl and drive for approximately 1.0 mile. Turn right onto Berrymans Ln, followed by a right turn onto Church Rd. Use any lane to turn left onto Red Run Blvd, then continue onto Franklin Blvd. Merge onto I-795 N using the left two lanes, taking exit 9A toward MD-30 N/MD-140 E/Hanover. Continue onto Butler Rd for 1.7 miles, and then continue onto Worthington Ave for another 2.3 miles.
At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto Tufton Ave and drive for approximately 3.8 miles. Next, follow Shawan Rd, MD-145 E, and MD-146 N/Jarrettsville Pike to Furnace Rd in Harford County, which will take around 25 minutes, covering approximately 15.7 miles. Continue onto Shawan Rd, and after a slight right onto York Rd, turn left onto MD-145 E/Ashland Rd, continuing on MD-145 E for 5.5 miles. Make a left turn onto MD-146 N/Jarrettsville Pike and continue for 5.9 miles, followed by a right turn onto MD-152 S for 0.9 miles. Follow Furnace Rd for about 1.9 miles, making a left turn onto Furnace Rd and staying on it for 0.6 miles.
Continue on MD-23 E for 5.7 miles until you reach Commerce Rd in Forest Hill. Turn left onto MD-165 N for 0.3 miles, and then turn right onto MD-23 E, continuing for 5.7 miles. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto Commerce Rd, and drive for 0.4 miles. Finally, turn left, and you'll arrive at your destination, Creative Home Company, located at 217 E Jarrettsville Rd Suite 3, Forest Hill, MD 21050, United States.



Find the Perfect Home Builder in Owings Mills, MD for Your Dream Home

Imagine building your dream home in the picturesque town of Owings Mills, MD, a place where quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance. With top-notch home builder professionals and upscale communities, Owings Mills is the perfect location to create a luxurious and inviting living space tailored to your unique needs and desires. At Creative Home Co., we bring those dreams to life.

Key Takeaways

  • Creative Home Co. are experienced home builders in Owings Mills, MD for quality craftsmanship and customer-centric approach with years of experience in building high quality homes.
  • Harford County offers upscale communities with luxury amenities to build your dream home.
  • We are the right builder for custom kitchen & bathroom remodeling projects using green building methods & open floor plans.

Discovering Owings Mills's Top Home Builder - Creative Home Co.

Owings Mills, MD, is home to numerous distinguished custom home builders in Harford County, however one stands out above the rest.

Creative Home Co. are recognized as the best custom home builders for their exceptional craftsmanship and excellent customer service, guaranteeing that every aspect of your high quality homes meets your expectations. As a custom home builder, they ensure the highest quality in every custom home project.

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship is the cornerstone of building a luxurious and long-lasting home. As a top home builder in Owings Mills, Creative Home Co. prioritizes attention to detail, dedication to quality, and professionalism in every aspect of our projects. We collaborate with experienced architects and designers, use high-quality materials, and deliver heirloom-quality craftsmanship to create stunning and functional homes.

Customer-Centric Approach

Renowned home builders in Owings Mills prioritize a customer-oriented strategy, working intimately with clients to realize their vision. Creative Home Co., for instance, specializes in creating forever homes tailored to the individual needs of their clients and their families, utilizing the expertise of high-end, luxury home builders. We are committed to providing personalized service and paying close attention to every aspect of the entire process.

At Creative Home Co., we adopt a custom and proactive approach, striving to convert each client’s distinct vision into a space that mirrors their requirements, thus producing superior homes. We have a long history of exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We adopt an integrated approach to project management, fostering long-term relationships with clients and trade partners to guarantee successful and cooperative project delivery.

Building Your Dream Home in Harford County

Harford County offers a variety of upscale communities perfect for building your custom dream home with the help of Owings Mills’s top home builders. These communities boast:

    • Luxury homes
    • Scenic beauty
    • High-end amenities
    • Access to cultural and sporting activities
    • Bustling urban centers
    • Historic harbor towns in close proximity.

The Custom Home Building Process in Owings Mills, MD

The procedure of building a custom home in Owings Mills, MD, encompasses different stages, including:

  1. Design
  2. Planning
  3. Construction
  4. Project management

Grasping each stage of the process helps in making sure your custom home aligns with your needs and preferences, especially when building a new house. As one of Owings Mills’s trusted custom home builders, call Creative Home Co. today!

Design and Planning

The stage of design and planning holds substantial significance in the process of building a custom home. Home builders in Owings Mills collaborate with homeowners to understand their preferences and design a floor plan that optimizes the flow and functionality of the space. Current home design trends in Owings Mills, MD, include farmhouse decor, calming interiors, and elegant designs.

Open floor plans are a popular choice in Owings Mills custom homes as they create a sense of spaciousness and allow for better flow between different parts of the home. Integrating open floor plans into your custom home allows for an uninterrupted transition between various areas of the home, fostering a feeling of spaciousness and connectivity.

Construction and Project Management

The phase of construction and project management is a fundamental component of the custom home building process. Home builders in Owings Mills ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget by monitoring progress, overseeing subcontractors and craftspeople, and adhering to local zoning regulations and building codes. Securing multiple bids from different builders is key to ensuring a fair price and comprehensive coverage of the work.

During the construction process, the homeowner and builder communicate regularly and make decisions to ensure that the project remains within the budget. Strategies employed to maintain a construction project timeline include:

  • Monitoring and recording progress with comprehensive daily reports
  • Examining project documents
  • Constructing and executing contingency plans
  • Constant communication and cooperation among team members.

Custom Home Additions and Trends in Owings Mills

In Owings Mills, favored custom home additions and trends encompass open floor plans, energy-saving green building methods, and tailor-made solutions like custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling. These additions can enhance your home’s functionality, aesthetic appeal, and value.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans provide a number of benefits, such as optimizing square footage, enabling natural light to circulate, facilitating entertaining, enhancing traffic flow, and connecting with outdoor areas. Owings Mills custom homes offer a selection of open floor plans, including Modern Farmhouse styling with a front covered porch, Contemporary designs with custom detail throughout, and homes with open floor plans off one plan.

Creating a bright and inviting atmosphere through the use of open floor plans is made possible by the removal of walls, hallways, and doors, resulting in a more open and unified layout. This design facilitates better flow and movement within the space, making it appear larger and more inviting. Moreover, open floor plans often feature more windows, allowing natural light to fill the space.

Finding the Right Home Builder for Your Project

The ideal choice for your home builder is Creative Home Co. when it comes to custom kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling in Owings Mills, MD. Selecting the right home builder is crucial for the success of your project. By adhering to best practices when it comes to hiring a home builder and thoroughly researching their reputation, you can guarantee a successful outcome for your custom home as we pride ourselves on being a great company that builds long lasting relationships.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Custom kitchen remodeling has the potential to revamp your home, crafting a practical and aesthetically pleasing space for culinary endeavors and social gatherings. At Creative Home Co., we know the current trends in custom kitchen remodeling in Owings Mills, MD, include two-toned cabinets and quartz countertops.

While planning a custom kitchen remodel in Owings Mills, MD, here are some important steps to follow:

  1. Start with a no-obligation consultation and a comprehensive estimate from our certified remodelers.
  2. Work with our expert designers to create a layout and design that suits your needs.
  3. Focus on quality remodeling materials and craftsmanship to ensure a long-lasting and functional kitchen.

By following these steps, you can ensure a successful and satisfying kitchen remodel in Owings Mills, MD.

Bathroom Remodeling in Owings Mills, MD

Remodeling a bathroom in Owings Mills, MD, can augment your home’s worth and create a luxurious sanctuary for relaxation. Some of the current trends in bathroom remodeling in Owings Mills, MD, include large format tiles, unique vanities with double sinks, and marble countertops.

In planning a bathroom remodel in Owings Mills, MD, consider adding opulent features such as a vaulted ceiling, a storage vanity, a curbless shower, heated floors, and exquisite finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel for faucetry and cabinetry hardware.

Creative Home Co. is a highly rated bathroom remodeling contractors in Owings Mills, MD.

Custom Home Building FAQs:

The custom home building process with Creative Home Co. typically involves initial consultations to understand your vision, design development, obtaining necessary permits, construction, and final inspections. We work closely with you every step of the way.

We offer both pre-designed plans and the option to create a completely unique design for your custom home. Our team of architects and designers can assist you in either case.

We will handle the permitting process for your custom home, ensuring that all necessary approvals and permits are obtained as per local regulations.

The timeline for a custom home project can vary depending on the complexity of the design and other factors, but it typically ranges from 8 to 12 months.

Yes, we can provide guidance in selecting the right location and lot for your custom home based on your preferences and budget.

The cost of building a custom home varies greatly depending on the design, size, and features. We can provide a detailed cost estimate after discussing your specific project.

Yes, we offer warranties on our workmanship and materials used in our custom home projects. The specifics will be outlined in your contract.

Depending on the stage of construction, changes can be accommodated, but they may affect the project timeline and cost. We encourage discussing any changes with our team as soon as possible.

Home Additions FAQs:

We specialize in various types of home additions, including room extensions, second-story additions, and more. Our team can help you determine the best solution for your needs.

Our experts will conduct an on-site assessment to determine the feasibility of your home addition, considering factors like structural integrity, local building codes, and zoning regulations.

We will handle all permitting and ensure your home addition complies with local regulations.

The timeline varies based on the scope of the project, but a typical home addition may take 3 to 6 months from start to finish.

Yes, we offer design services to help plan and optimize your home addition to suit your preferences and needs.

Factors that can impact cost include the size of the addition, the complexity of the design, choice of materials, and any unexpected issues encountered during construction.

We can work with homeowners’ insurance providers, when necessary, but coverage and requirements may vary.

Kitchen Remodeling FAQs:

Our kitchen remodeling process includes an initial consultation, design development, material selection, construction, and final inspection. We involve you in the decision-making at every stage.

Yes, we offer design services to help plan and create the kitchen renovation you envision, from layout to selecting materials.

A typical kitchen remodeling project can take approximately 4 to 8 weeks, but the timeline varies depending on the complexity of the renovation.

The budget for kitchen remodeling varies widely depending on the scope of work, materials, and design. We can provide a detailed estimate based on your preferences.

Yes, we handle all aspects of the project, including plumbing and electrical work, ensuring a seamless and professional renovation.

Depending on the extent of the renovation, it may be possible to live in your home during the project. We will discuss this during the planning stage and make accommodations accordingly.

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